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This blog has been dead for a long time, I am so sorry.

I plan to resurrect it soon.


week one of my 52 week project; starting off with my very own photo christmas tree :)


make your pictures roll!

omg, click the picture for a really cool DIY project with fisheye.

sooo last year

This looks like college campus. sf state
» Five things to make your home studio.

Do you lack all that fancy shit that photographers use & stuff? Then click the link & change it.

» Top 20 ways to get creative with a disposable camera !!

I’m reading this article on photojojo & I love it ! Disposable cameras are a great way to do some quick, cheap film shots. This article has stuff to try to make it even more fun. 

Chipmunk (by nbsinyk)
155/365 - Strawberries (by nbsinyk)